Notes on this specifications

The Atlantic 57 can be tailored to meet the requirements of the owner. However, in an effort to present complete and representative price the specifications outlined below detail the A57 in a typical configuration.

Pricing is given as of January 2010 and is expected to remain constant for a while, but depends on exchange rate fluctuations. Prices are not guaranteed until a construction contract is signed.

  • Hulls, decks and pilothouse are constructed from vacuum bagged SP System Ampreg epoxy resin and high performance multiaxial glass laminates cored with “Core-Cell” SAN foam and Divinycell PVC foam.
  • Crossbeams are built of uni-directional carbon fiber/epoxy with foam cored epoxy/glass bulkheads.
  • Extensive use is made of uni-directional carbon fiber reinforcement in high load areas of hulls and decks.
  • Interior joinerwork and floorboards are all cored panels to provide stiffness at low weight.

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