Barbara Mae

From October 17th through 20th 2002, Alwoplast S.A. took part in this important US Power Boat Show presenting BARBARA MAE.

A lot of attention was drawn to this new concept of Trawler Catamaran. It was the largest catamaran being displayed and the only vessel at the show that had cruised more than 8.000 nautical miles, most of them in open seas.

According to “The Power of Multihull” Magazine, fall 2002: "[…] BARBARA MAE received a constant flow of visitors, sometimes standing in line to go onboard. This catamaran, a Patagonia 55, was the "Queen" of the Multihull Lagoon. At 55 feet the largest multi, at 8.000 nautical miles just finished, the most experienced catamaran at the show.”