Builder's of the World's first Sail Game Fishing Catamarans

Alwoplast was the first boatyard who dared to construct a sail game fishing catamaran, developed by Captain Richard Postmar in Bora Bora Polynesia. Catamaran were still in its early stages of development in 1991 and it was a technically challenging task to combine a sailing catamaran with a fly bridge of a powerboat. Especially with all the high loads involved by the sail sheets and halyard leading to the fly bridge.

The client asked us to build an almost 29ft wide, high performance sail catamaran with a minimum of weight, very unusual sail handling logistics (because of the fly bridge involved) and an outstanding manoeuvrability under power.

Together with Richard’s conceptual input, the great knowledge of Lock Crowther in design and our willingness and capabilities of the yard to undertake such an unusual project made this possible and laid the foundations for future sail game fishing catamarans. The 50ft version Tara Vana was the first one followed by the 57ft Tiare and Telluride with 45ft, based on a 45ft hull.