Alwoplast 333 passagemaker catamaran 50/55/65ft

Based on the same successfully proven, seaworthy design #333 hulls, this is another innovative and fuel efficient vessel for serious offshore cruising, which can be easily handled by the owner.
After her first maiden voyage of 8.000 nm from Valdivia to New York, the original 55ft version burned 1 gallon per nm and averaged 16 to 18 kn cruising speed depending on the sea state with a 2000nm range. Her interior proved to be very convenient and comfortable for her owners and their occasional guests.

Based on that proven 55ft platform, we could build a 65ft version to provide extra payload for added fuel, interior storage and water sports equipment. Three different versions of the #333 Crowther design are already built ( two 50ft versions and one 55ft ) and operating very successfully and we strongly feel that the current 65ft version is the ultimate long range explorer vessel for unrestricted cruising grounds. She is specifically designed for the discerning seafarer, who is looking for more personal space and comfortable cruising.

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We also reduced the size to 50ft, used smaller fuel tanks and developed a more compact interior. The exterior was changed from the classic trawler look to a more modern motor yacht design and a solid roof top was added to the fly bridge. In November 2004 a crew from the yard delivered her flawlessly the 5.000 nm from Valdivia to Miami within only four weeks and only five fuel stops.

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