Design Alwoplast – Navtec/ NT 108

A group of four Chilean business men decided to share the costs of this newly developed 50ft catamaran. The concept, design and structure, including finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics, were developed together with Navtec, Chile.

This 50ft catamaran replaces previous designs under 50ft and is based on our experience over 20 years in the construction of high performance sail multihulls. Emphasis is on excellent performance under sail, but at the same time the vessel is capable to provide the required payload capacity to satisfy the growing demand for extra equipment like bigger fridges/freezers, air conditioning, entertainment systems and the resulting need for a generator. Power could be provided by twin diesel engines up to 100hp each or by a complete diesel electric hybrid system like OSSA Powerlite. All kinds of interiors layouts could be realized, because of the available space. Sail Game Fishing version with integrated fly bridge aft is also possible.

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