Chris White Design - Atlantic 57

The Atlantic 57 is the most recent design in the innovative and award winning series of high performance cruising catamarans from Chris White designs. In full production in vacuum bagged glass and carbon fiber, 100% epoxy resin with foam core.
She is not a completely a new design, but a refinement of the well proven Atlantic 55 Cat. Adding a little hull lengths is always a benefit to a catamaran and in case of the A57, the additional length also allowed a slight increase in the fore triangle area. Adding sail area to the staysail helps fill the gap in wind range between the small self tacking jib and the larger genoa.

Another interesting modification was the change to asymmetrical daggerboards. Prior A55’s had used either swing up centerboards or symmetrical daggers. Both worked well but it seemed that windward performance could be ratcheted up from excellent to spectacular by using a daggerboard that created extra lift. This is evident when sailing the A57 to windward as it makes no noticeable leeway.

There were numerous small changes made to the interior accommodation. Most of these qualify a “tweaks” rather than major alterations; Refrigeration space was increased, lockers in the sleeping cabins were enlarged, access improved into the forepeaks and the interior lighting plan refind among other things. One significant alteration; the aft deck level was reduced allowing fixed seating along the forward side and a deeper bulwark around the aft side.

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