"I researched for many years the design and characteristics for our true dreamboat.
I previously lived aboard a Tayana 58 for 18 months so I knew what we liked and didn't like. I looked at the Catana's, the Gunboat's, and a bunch of the cheaper production cats but ultimately fell in love with the Chris White A57. In fact it happened almost the second I boarded Chris's boat in Annapolis. Once I came to the conclusion that a Chris White A57 was the perfect boat for us I quickly realized that Alwoplast was also the perfect boat builder for us.

I made two trips to Chile, which we will remember and cherish forever. I was a little intimidated with building a semi custom boat so far away but Alex and Roni helped make all the decisions and the result is what I consider a perfect boat. I continue to be amazed on how my design goals have and been met so elegantly. I wanted a large, fast, world cruising cat that my wife and I could easily sail and would provide safety and comfort in the best and worst possible conditions.

I got all that and more but the biggest bonus was just how much fun the Alwoplast A57 is to sail. Thanks Alex, Roni, Sven and the crew at Alwoplast for building such a great vessel for my family.
Best Regards,

Tim Miller."