"Alex, I must tell you that I am not just pleased with our visit to Alwoplast last week, I am overwhelmingly impressed. Your operation is clearly very professional and organized. There is truly "craftmanship" in all areas, from metal work and welding, to cabinetry and woodwork, attention to detail and finishing in all areas, and of course the composite work. Roni, Mauricio and you have all been extremely easy to work with, and responsive to all reasonable ideas.

There is absolutely No sense that you are trying to make the job easier for yourselves- on the contrary, you all seem energized to continuously innovate and make every boat better, to the fullest satisfaction of each owner.

There seems to be something else that money cant buy- the good will of your workers and their pride in their work, and warm smiles everywhere- if we stop to look at a small cutting of wood sample, they jump to cut us a nice piece of millwork; when showing off their beautiful stainless steel fabrications, their pride gleams as much as the work does. I have worked with other yacht builders, and have heard many horror stories abut custom yacht builders. Clearly the combination of technical competency and company culture evident at Alwoplast is rare in this business, and greatly appreciated. Rita and I also thank you, your staff, and Jackie and Isi for your generous hospitality and kindness.I am very confident that Alwoplast will produce an excellent yacht for me, and there is no other builder I would prefer to be with otherwise. All of the progress I see to date supports this.

Best regards,
Mark and Rita."