The owner wrote the following;

November 5th, 2009

aVida is ready. We are ready. Friday is the day.

This Alwoplast team is amazing. We do not need to point out the many finishing details to bring the boat to perfection- these guys continue to suggest continuous improvements to make the boat safer and better, even if it requires custom stainless steel weldments, fixturing, rigging changes, closet hooks, whatever. The owner, Alex Wopper, his very capable foreman Roni and Roni's son Sven go out of their way to do whatever they can to make the boat the best it can be- no need to push or pressure them. These guys are great. We have no doubt that our experience at any other boatyard in the world would be much different. They call aVida their "baby". This is a birthing process for them, and the love and care they apply is admirable. Dale tells me that the crowds on the dock when we leave will be full of hugs and tears- I know that will be the case for all of us.

Friday, October 30th, the Designer Chris White and 4th crewmember Kevin Baxley joined us. We all enjoyed a friendly seaside lunch gathering in the afternoon in a cozy family run restaurant overlooking a picturesque bay and fishing boat; and an evening dinner at the home of Alex Wopper, wife Jacky, and charming daughter Isi, who at 12 is working to be the youngest KungFu black belt in Chile. Alex's good-nature reflects on everything he is about; his kindred spirit, gentle kindness, infectious smile, and his "natural estate" with a get-away island and his hot tub escape built under the roots of massive 150 foot pine trees.

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