• After having almost crossed the entire south pacific and logged 7670nm since departure from Valdivia/ Chile, Kelly forwarded us the following message from Musket Cove/ Fiji Islands;

    "We had a glorious sail from Asau with fresh steady winds abeam so that we were on a broad reach and experienced some of the best sailing of the entire trip. This boat, Anna, is a thoroughbred among sailboats, able to cut through the water at better than half the wind speed. At 15 knots of wind we do a steady 9 knots boat speed with full main and genoa, at 17 knots of wind we do 10 and at 20 knots we do 12. And that is not peak boat speeds, but steady, hour-after-hour speeds. Peak speeds are even higher: one day on that leg we recorded a maximum wind speed of 24.2 knots and a maximum boat speed of 16.0 knots. Chris White's brilliant design of this model, an Atlantic 57, is really a stroke of genius, with an eye towards both comfort and speed, and Alwoplast, the Chilean boatbuilder, has done a world-class job in making Chris' design a reality, with strong but amazingly fair hulls and exceptional finish work. All problems we have had with the boat have been equipment failures caused by suppliers and by neither the design nor the construction, and yet both Chris and Alwoplast has been truly outstanding in their post-launch support. I honestly think, and my crew agrees, that this boat has to be at the very pinnacle of boat design and construction, and that anyone interested in a cruising boat of this size for non-Arctic cruising would be unwise to select anything else."