Alex and yard,

After sailing Nogal for the past 2 months I’d like to express our gratitude towards the
Alwoplast for the building of our great catamaran.

During the commissioning of Nogal, Alwoplast has helped us in any way possible to fulfill the dreams we had with our new ship. There were never any arguments about our wishes, on the contrary: there was always understanding, possible solutions and suggestions for even better installation. For example when we had doubts about the (future) functioning of our plug-and-play freezer, thanks to your suggestions and work we have added a ventilator for improved cooling conditions.

Our previous experiences with building boats has always been less positive in the commissioning phase, because of not so productive discussions about expectations versus
actual implementation, almost resulting in bringing in the lawyers.
With Alwoplast we have been treated like real customers…..thank you for that.

Sailing Nogal has been a great pleasure for both of us, from the beginning we had the feeling that all installations were done correct and everything would work. Of course we had some improvements along the way (which have ALL been executed) and some repairs after the first trip, but we felt that these were in no way comparable with the normal work/change lists on boats.

An enormous advantage during this whole process was the fact that Alwoplast can do everything in-house. There is no need to wait for 3-rd party suppliers of stainless steel components, or fiberglass components or whatever…..everything is being done in-house and fast.
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