Delivery of the Atlantic 57 from Valdivia, Chile to San Diego, USA. Total of 5700 nm

Valdivia to Puerta Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Equador - 2847 nm

"We are 183 NM from Santa Cruz Island and flying along at 9 -10 knots in winds that are most likely close to that. It has been a great run and Espiritu Santi flys! I always love when you get going so fast that the boat gets that little shake/shimmy going on.
Nice job on the A-57."
"This beautiful sailboat feels so safe while being incredibly fast at the same time. The attention to detail as well as the custom stainless work, while being attractive are also highly functional and sturdy. Through the process of commissioning at Alwoplast, no problem remained such for very long. The "can-do" attitude of everyone at the yard was a refreshing change from other experiences I have had worldwide.”
"Most importantly, the continuing support from Alwoplast and Chris White makes me feel as though I am taking my support everywhere with me. Never have I felt abandoned or ignored. What a wonderful and unique experience with a boat yard from someone who has had relationships (or non relationships) with many. This, as a delivery captain is a most valuable resource."

Puerta Ayora to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico - 1766 nm

"What an amazing boat! We have 8-9 knots of wind 35 degree wind angle and are sailing with only the genoa at 8.5-9 knots! Oh wait, it is now 9.5 knots and we are sailing 9.4."
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